About Me

I am not a chef–more of a peasant cook, perhaps.

On any given day I wear many hats, and  whether acting as a business woman, writer, meditator, mediator, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, coach, pixie, gypsy or kitchen witch, most days you will find me laughing and crying . . . or possibly having a meltdown. But then you can also find me observing the world while cooking up a meal and a story from my hearth.

My travel and personal essays have appeared online and in print in newspapers and magazines in the US and Mexico, most likely because of the ridiculous circumstances I find myself in!

Anyway, cooking gets my storytelling juices flowing. So gather round as I cook and tell stories. I am so blessed to live in an era too where I can bring my hearth to you.

Aham Prema. I am love.

aka Marijke

aka Lesley or Les

aka Lesley Marijke McCandless

aka Mom



If you would like to reach me, please email me at lmarijke[at]cox[dot]net.

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